D.HATE (for LEGACY#76)

With skeletons in the crypt.
When we speak of the Ukraine and metal, it's actually for about Pagan Metal. D.HATE rough to the core shows that there's more. The opportunity for conversation with Arseniy (drums) and Andriy "Ryba" (guitar) had therefore to be used and presents the image of egg-knit, small scene that everyone must vote in West Europeans nostalgic.

Johannes Paul Kohler (LEGACY#76)

- When we speak about Ukraine and Metal, we often tend to forget bands like yours. Ukraine is more common in Heathen and/or Pagan Metal... so how did you get into your style of Metal?
Arseniy (drums): The fall of the USSR and the emergence of independent Ukraine coincided with the peak of such styles as Death Metal, Black Metal, Pagan Metal and so on, which is why Ukrainian bands who played that kind of music got most promotion and became more known.
In fact practically all other styles of Metal had been present at the time as well. Andriy, Dmitriy and I played in different bands representing Death and Black Metal and Grindcore which of course has influenced our music tastes and I am sure you can hear it in the D. HATE sound. Every D.HATE musician had taken his part in doing different styles of Metal in other bands (Andriy - EUPHORIA, Dmitriy and I - BAZOOKA BAND, AMBIVALENCE). So our previous experiences found their way into D.HATE's first album and eventually led to the creation of D.HATE's own style of Metal.
Andriy (guitar): I was a University student when I first played in EUPHORIA band in 1989-90. It was still Soviet Union. I remember two Punk - Hardcore songs: Anarchy and Fishing. "Politically correct" professors kept trying to brainwash me for a long time after that. And then it all changed. Rock music started to occupy stages rapidly. Being close to the Western border of the country influenced us greatly. There was not a hint of the "Russian Rock" in what we were doing which set us apart from other Ukrainian bands.

- Some short biography of D.HATE can be found on your myspace page, but I'd like you to get a bit deeper: how did you find each other and when did it start to get serious?
Andriy (guitar): My decision to start playing Rock again did not come overnight. It took me some years to get together everything that is needed for making music. When the studio was ready first thing I did was getting the old EUPHORIA together again. We played for some two months but somehow it did not work out. So I started looking for new people for a new project. Since the project was new the music had to be new as well - the thing I wanted least was to try to resurrect something that had died a natural death. Last ten or so years I have travelled all over the world never missing an opportunity to go to a concert or a festival or a club. So I had a lot of reference... I think D.HATE has a lot of potencial.
Arseniy (drums): Dmitriy and I had been the rythm-section of the BAZOOKA BAND when we heard from our friends that Andriy wants to make a comeback so we thought why not - we were exactly what he was looking for and. After several sessions that everybody enjoyed immensely we all knew - this is it!
As for me, I remember Andriy since the nineties as the leader of EUPHORIA whose concerts got me interested in Metal music, so this was my dream of twenty years of seeng him on the stage and wanting to play there with him suddenly coming true!
Max (vocals): I am a rookie in the band. When I first heard that Andriy "Ryba"(Fish) is playing with a new band I went to their concert and instantly became their fan. In June 2011 Dmitriy "Demon" (bass) called me and asked me to come to sing for them - naturally it had freaked me out at first, compared to the others I had no experience to speak of, but after two months of very hard work and thanks to the support of the other members of the group I went to a new level and started to feel that I belong here.

- Let us speak about attitude: there is this video of "Ghost" on myspace, where people are totally freaking out in the pit. How important is it to you to get "emotional" in your music?
Andriy (guitar): As with any artists, audience's reactions are a drug that we are always after. The more emotions there are, the more popular you are. After all, it is a measure of the quality of your work.
Arsen (drums): I know I did a good job when people in the pit are totally freaking out! I am happy to see it, to feel it - it means we did it! My special respect to our craziest fans - we will keep it up for you guys!
Max (vocals): To me this is what matters at our concerts. When I see the emotions inside out, my performance increases tenfold. The more emotions we get, the more we return, and it's spiraling up and up!

- Your album is called "Game With Ghosts". Can you describe this title? I like the groove, but after all, this is not the kind of music I would connect with metaphysical experiences... or is there some political or social message in it?
Max: No, there are no political or social messages in the song. It is about seeing a, meeting with, a ghost. Many of us must have experiensed something like this at least once in their lifetime. The song is about a person's emotions and thoughts in this situation. If you happen to read the other lyrics as well this will probably stand out as something unusual for the Groove.
Andriy: If you want to understand the title of the album, I would recommend to close your eyes, go to the dark room where the sceletons are hidden in the old wardrobe and play with them. If you dare...

- How would you even describe your style, musicwise?
Arsen: I don't give a ... about what the style is called, it is not musicians' job to put labels.
Max: I think it's Thrash with some Groove and some Death Metal, spised up with Hardcore.
Andriy: I don't like an idea of being put in a "narrow corridor". What I can tell you for sure is that D.HATE's second album will be different. Let critics decide what it is they hear.

- However, what else can you tell me about the circumstances of recordings and composition of the album? How long did it take you to write and record it?
Andriy: We started to record the album in April 2011 at our studio. It did not take us long, timewise. Maybe a week. But then getting it all together and mastering the whole thing wasn't easy. Lack of experience was very much felt. But eventually I think we did a good job. Thanks a lot to Tony from TA Production.

- How is the reception of the album through fans and the media so far?
Andriy: There is always room for criticism. But in general the reception is positive. There is a lot of interest from media: interviews, TV blocks, rotation at radiostations (in many countries). And the best thing: there are more and more fans every day!
- The artwork looks like an endtime vision, when machines get alive... as a threat or to support mankind's existence?
Max: Rather to support, to help with chores, to give humans a chance to think about more important things, to morally improve...
- How funky must a band be to record a track called "Radio Hit"? Or is that music really being played in radio stations?
Andriy: You are right in your assumptions. The song is a message to radio stations. There are hardly any good Rock radio stations in Ukraine. They are all alike - very boring. Difficult to understand. Hopefully it will change soon.
Max: Many radio stations have the same problem: they play lots of old songs one after another, occasionalyy inserting a new hit, and everybody would like it to be the other way around. So this song is a kind of message to radio stations.
- Actually, I have put the question about metaphysical content... but what else are lyrics like? Who is the "Sweetheart" and who dies from the "Boom"?
Max: Lyrics are all over the place. "Man's song" is actually humorous. "Mors" is about dying in Tzar's name. But mainly it's about our life, about our human struggle with ourselves, our problems, individual and global. It's about different life situations we humans get in. Hopefully somebody will learn something useful listening to our songs, maybe even change some priorities. "For Sweatheart" is a serious song about a rocker's girlfriend that inspires him to be a gentleman. "Boom" is about the ongoing destruction of the ozone layer - what the world will be like when the sun brings not only light, but lots of merciless unshielded energy as well.

- Do "Man's Song" and "For Sweetheart" define the roles of men and women in Metal? ;)
Max: Yes, "Man's song" is making fun of us metalists, and in "For Sweatheart" we pay respect to our loved ones.

- You come from a town with a very interesting, as well heartwrenching history throughout the 20th century... the Austrians used to call the town Lemberg, the Polish called it Lwow and now it is called Lviv. As far as I know, it had a very rich culture in the beginning of the 20th century. Then came the first world war, with the Nazis, Jews were exterminated and with the Russians, Lviv never gained its importance back. It must have been somewhat the "dead end" of the Soviet Union. So, how important is your ukrainian history for you, and how important is the history of your hometown? And can this be traced back to your lyrics?
Arsen: I was born here. It is my hometown, my home - I love it.
Max: We are proud of our history, we are proud that after all the suffering and destruction the city is still going strong. Most of the people who live here today know at least the highlights of the history. Many people of international fame were born or lived here, many scientific discoveries were made here. It is possible that in our next album there will be a song about this.
Andriy: Whatever you call it, Lviv or Lemberg, the fact is that it is the most beautiful city in Ukraine. It is one of the cities hosting next year's European football championship. Come and see for yourself - it will be fun.

- Now, that the album is out, what are your expectations from it?
Arsen: I hope that as many as possible people who love Metal learn about us.
Max: Thw album was a great help, we were able to "step aside" and listen to ourselves objectively, we were able to get feedback from our fans and critics and analize them. Now we know how to make the next album even better.

- And what are your future plans? Any chance to see you live in Western Europe?
Andriy: We are seriously working on the second album's material. Hopefully it will be released by early autumn 2012. We are also getting ready for 2012 concert tour. After our first Eurotour that was a success we are thinking about the next one, looking for partners in the meantime.
Max: Get ready for us, we are coming with our first album and an even more explosive second one!
Arsen: Future plans - well, world fame, nothing less! I know we can pull it, working on it...
Andriy: Year 2011 is drawing to an end. D.HATE wishes all the lovers of heavy music and you Legacy people lots of luck in the new year! We are looking forward to playing for you in your city!

December 7, 2011.


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