Interview was prepared by David D?niz
First thing’s first…for those not fortunate enough to know what’s up, could you provide a brief run-down of the band’s beginnings and events leading up to where the guys in ECLIPSE find themselves today?
First of all, hello and thanx for your attention to our band. Concerning your question, during almost twenty years of ECLIPSE history many things are happened. In the very beginning ECLIPSE consisted of twenty years old boys, that dreaming to conquer the music underground by their infernal energy. But life is life. There were risings and fallings, happy minutes and years of oblivion, but we are still ECLIPSE.

0uite a bit of time has passed since the birth of ECLIPSE, how do you feel the band has evolved or changed since ‘95?
Many things are changed in our life, our understanding of reality, our feeling of this world, the understanding of question “who we are in this world” is changed too. And, of cause, our music and our lyrics are changed. May be the band has evolved, may be regressed, but ECLIPSE has changed. We are not the young guys with eyes opened wide. Our band became older with us.

As the ECLIPSE sound is heavily influenced by old school brutal death metal sound of CANNIBAL CORPSE, what is your take on the current state of the genre, with all the “new blood“ filling the stream, so to speak?
In every song we try to escape the comparison with CANNIBAL CORPSE. May be, it is our destiny to be compare with this legend of death metal. But not only CANNIBALS influenced on our sound and music, may be fans try to guess our favorites in our songs.

I have to be honest, "The triumph of pain" was my formal introduction to the band, and it blew me away!. Can you describe the creative process this time around, compared to that of "Grind, suffer, dreams"?
We are glad that our songs can blow away somebody! We try to do this kind of music that can blow away! About creative process. It is an ordinary hard work in studio. All emotions are left behind. Emotions as a result of our work in studio. Our music is our emotions and our feelings.

In what ways do you feel you have improved compared to ECLIPSE's debut, lyrically?Telling the truth, our opinion that fans must decide, have ECLIPSE improved or not and in what way.

This new record continues in the direction of "Grind, suffer, domain". The tempo is generally misplaced and brutality has become more important. Anything in particular that you are proud of with this new album?
Of cause,we are proud of with our new album. And we are proud of with our “ GRIND, SUFFER, DREAMS”. And we will be proud of our next album, and next, and next. Our songs are our children. We loves them and proud of them.

How do you go about writing songs, does it happen collectively in the rehearsal studio or do you all write individually as well?
All music we write collectively in the rehearsal studio. The main number of riffs write our guitarist Vitaly, but final form songs get in rehearsal studio. Our drummer write all lyrics.

How have the media and fan reaction been to this new record?
According to the many reviews, the reaction of media was not so bad, may be more glad than bad. Fans reaction according to METAL SCRAP RECORDS report is ‘’TRIUMPH OF THE PAIN ‘’ sold out.

This is your second record for Metal Scrap Records. How have they been treating ECLIPSE?
We are cooperating with METAL SCRAP since 1996 when we are released the demo ‘’CELEBRATION OF MY DEATH’’. ECLIPSE trust to METAL SCRAP.

What are your ambitions and expectations towards the next ECLIPSE album?
Our next album will be more interesting and brutal too. May be it will show you another side of ECLIPSE or may be dark side. IT’S COMING SOON!

Any concrete plans on how you will promote the release of this debut outside of Ukraine?
We are haven’t any concrete plans. Maybe METAL SCRAP has any concrete plans to promote the release.

That about does it for now! On behalf of all at Necromance, I thank you for your time and effort! Any last words for the Spanish masses?


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