METAL SCRAP RECORDS (for Metal Recusants, June 2012)

Metal Scrap Records is an independent metal label based out of the Ukraine. They put out a diverse range of metal artists such as Christ Agony, Majesty of Revival and Ram-Page-bands that are high in quality, but not exactly household names yet. I spoke to Anotoliy from Metalscrap to find out more about this label.

Interview was prepared by Curt (Metal Recusants).
Answered Anatoliy Kondyuk (METAL SCRAP RECORDS). 
Curt: Metal Scrap has been around for a while but many people are unfamiliar with it. Can you go over of how the label started?
Anatoliy:  We started back in 1993 as an underground zine, and the first issue was out in 1994. Our first audio release was out in 1995 and it was a compilation tape of underground bands.

Curt: How do you go about finding bands to sign for the label? Do you primarily receive demo submissions or by attending shows?
Anatoliy: We receive demos every day, so we have no problem finding good stuff.

Curt: What do you look for in a band before signing them to Metal Scrap?
Anatoliy: Originality, aspiration for work…

Curt: How has Metal Scrap been able to survive with the widespread situation of illegal downloading? Are you able to do the label for a living or is this something you do merely because you love it?
Anatoliy: We are fighting and try to survive. Because we love it at first, and now we are living from it and try to survive again and again.

Curt: With it now easier than ever for a band to release music on their own, what is the benefits for a band to sign to an independent label?
Anatoliy: It’s easy: A band can’t make good promotion and distribution by itself.

Curt: What advice would you give to someone in a band who is looking for a label to sign with?
Anatoliy: First, make sure you have really good and interesting stuff. After that, send it wherever possible, or hire a manager for this. Don’t forget to send it to us too, and we’ll talk!

Curt: Who comes up with the art and packaging for the albums? Do the bands have any say in the album art?
Anatoliy: All of the art the bands prepare themselves and give to us in the form they like. We try not to interfere with their vision. If the band cannot find an artist or designer, then we have those and others that will help the bands in all of what they need.

Curt: What releases do you have coming up in the next couple of months?
Anatoliy: We have planned a few re-releases of  old stuff (in particular old releases of Christ Agony). Also split-CD in the memory of Chuck Schuldiner will be released soon (we never released split-CDs before). The first Power Metal and Soft Metal CDs will be released soon too :) We do not limit ourselves to any special genres of metal. All kind of metal is true!!

Curt: Is it easy for someone from North America to purchase albums from Metal Scrap?
Anatoliy: It’s absolutely easy!! No problems. We have clients from all around the world. The same price for items and shipping in each country!

Curt: Anything else you would like to say to the readers?
Anatoliy: I want to wish you all good healing and more love and peace. Also I want to say you that only Metal is real!!
So, stay Metal!!!



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