SYMPHONY OF SYMBOLS (for Atmosfear Magazine #11)

Recently, was released your debut album called "Stupefying Beliefs". As far as I know, the band was formed in 1997. What caused for such a long start and what are the plans for the further promotion of debut album?
Yes, 16-year is long time. In 1997, during the first rehearsals, our band started to form into a music band and we decided what kind of music we’d like to play exactly. Our partners came and gone till 2002, while our Fall of Enigma album came into, which containes 6 songs.
What I mean to say is our choosen kind of music cannot be typify like quick writing, and of course the lot of exchange set back us too.
And then the album got ready but we needed another quitar player and singer, but unfortunately we did not find the right ones. Than we started to create the first riffs to the Stupefying Beliefs in 2004 and in the end of 2010 we started to record them.
All of us is working with overtimes, have family, so the recording took long time. It had been recorded on divers occasions because we did not have enough money to pay 3-week-long studio time alltogether. We had to make sessions.

The album is dominated by very long-sounding songs. How difficult is it to play this stuff live, and how hard is herewith to hold the audience's attention?
It’s like you are playing 2 pieces of 5-minute song in one block  Nothing extra. Our songs has 25-30 topic, not boring, so these are not seems like 10-minutes in a concert.

As I understand it, "Stupefying Beliefs" is a concept album. Despite your dark sound your lyrics are not contain too much of something from the otherworld. Rather, you talk about dark and gloomy things, but about real things, using the figurative language of art. Am I right? Describe the concept of the album more detailed.
The story of this album shows you a colony’s belief. The kernel of this belief is they have to sacrifice a propitiation to their god, or their god will punish them with diseases, famine, bad yields. To be a propitiation is an honour, a privilege, but our hero doesn’t want to be. We show the ritual suicide, the sacrifice, the way to god. Our hero sometimes bow to his faith, sometimes hates his community. In front of God he see the light in his mind. He realizes their religion is a dead-end, what happened with him and his ancestry was only because their masters want to keep up their power with this religion. After this God sends him back to the earth to rebirth, be a preacher and reform this religion.
The story of course criticizes several part of real life and the point is: it is no problem if you believe but don’t believe in that one which will dull you! In one word… use your brain and live your life like this!

symphohy-of-symbols-bandHow it was difficult to realize such a "massive" idea into reality?
We needed a few year to this. You can only do it if you wouldn’t panic. When we are in the rehearsal, we have to switch off the outer world and have to retool our brain.
Motives, words, riffs and tunes repeating during the songs. It wasn’t easy to see through when we had multiply topics. We will put these structures forward when we are writing our next works, because we can see several opportunities in it.

In the beginning your sound was focused on black metal. Now you're trying to play death metal with a complex structure. Given this, have you any ideas to make some changes in the sound on the next album? Do you already have some new ideas that you can tell?
I think our older work seemed black metal only because of the kind of singing, but the structure of the songs was same complicated. We feel mature the line and trend of Stupefying music. Big changes won’t be. We are playing “old-school” kind of death metal what we shaped to our own kind. Our next work is a half-hour EP which contains the same song-structures and ideas. Maybe, because of this it will be a bit more extreme, you can discover the musical cohesion of a symphony.

Frankly, it's hard to remember any of the Hungarian bands, except Sear Bliss and Ektomorf. How hard is it to play metal in a country like Hungary, and how comfortable you feel, playing this kind of music in your country? (And you can describe the Hungarian metal scene.)
Very few band can handle the Hungarian situation. Once you choose to play death metal here, you can get ready to come up agains walls. Men have to pay with his own money and if he pays, he can play in several clubs. OR! When they haven’t got enough money than they are going to play those clubs where they won’t have more outgoing than income. And the other problem is the jobs. Once you have job than you have to ask day offs which is not very good in these days in Hungary. So, once you found a publisher who can organize 2week long tour than you won’t be able to go and you’ll afraid of losing your job. In Hungary a good salary less then a European, the prices are higher than the Europeans, so you can imagine how much can a men spend to his music band. If you don’t have enough patience, it will be easy to give up. That is why the rotation so big in bands, working, jam for a few year than finish, or like us, live as fast as we can. We are here 16 years ago, so it shows it can work. So that is the big Hungarian Reality, but the point of metal is to sail near to wind, so if it would be easy than it won’t be authentic. We can take power out of the very good relationship between the metal bands.


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