CALCINED (for Atmosfear Magazine #11)

Hello! How are you? At first tell us about "Death Illumination – In Memory Of Evil Chuck" - split-CD with REGICIDE DECEASE in memory of Chuck Schuldiner. How did arose the idea and how well you think this idea was realized?
Hi! We are fine and you ? All of the members of Calcined are very touch about all of the oldschool death metal period, mainly about the band "Death". We wanted to realized an honour of "Chuck Schuldiner".
We have looking for one band motivated to record a Split-album in this thematic and "Regicide Decease" have sending ok for this expĐčrience.

Your band is from a prosperous Switzerland and it's far from Ukraine, which being in permanent crisis. How you came to the Ukrainian label? What advantages gives you this decision?
In 2012, we were not looking for a label, but when "Regicide Decease" have propose the release of our split-album with "Metal Scrap Record" we have directly found that it was cool!
And we trusted "Regicide Decease" about this label.

CALCINED works in a brutal Death metal genre. It's no secret that this genre is saturated beyond measure. How will you find your own way in this genre and don't you afraid to get lost among the hundreds and thousands of other bands like you?
I dont know ! We will just write some disordered songs with our influence, as oldschool death metal, thrash metal and actualy brutal death metal. But, i considered "Calcined" as a "Death metal band", you can tell that what you prefere, but i think we are what we like, a "Death metal Band"

It seemed to me that your music has some thrash metal influences. I'm not mistaken? Thrash is really important for you?
Yeah, exactly. Thrash metal and Death/thrash from the 80s-90s is very important for us. There is our principal source of influence.

Have you stuff for a full album for today? Do we expect any surprises?
Actually, we search some possibilities to play in live the tracks from our last records. We have too play in Switzerland last years and now we search some possibilities to play outside of the Switzerland. But we have some news f"cking songs, and we hope we are soon ready record a complete album for this year.

How often everyday problems distract you from the music? Work or study, and same shit... For you it's a problem?
The real shit is for found a structure in Switzerland to help the promotion of "Calcined" and the possbilities to organize some gigs inside/outside of the Switzerland. We find with difficulty some people motivated and of trust.


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