REGICIDE DECEASE (for Atmosfear Magazine #11)

Last year, you take a part in a split album "Death Illumination - In Memory Of Evil Chuck", which was dedicated to legendary Chuck Schuldiner. How is important was this split for you?
...RD: I think it was very important to us many things happen at that time we move on to new label we change vocalist take some first mini tour with guys fom Intestinal and Hell United ... and of course we release split in memory of Evil Chuck where we can finnaly show main way of our style and some sort of a road where we want to go in future ... and from another reason it was very important release , we record and invent everything in constant and good team and like I say we really want to go right thru this way in nearly future I hope hehe :)  

Another band, which took part in the recording of the split was a Swiss band called CALCINED. Were you familiar with them before? How did arose the idea to release a split just with this band?
...RD: You know ... It was Calcined Idea they just write too us on our Myspace that they want to do some split CD in memory of Chuck Schuldiner etc etc .... and It was schock ... why ? ... just because I think few days before I receive this mail about something like that but with some Polish band and I think only who want to do something like that ... and one day I login on to our Myspace and see this mail !!! :) ... I still dont know how they found us and why we ? but .... right know I just give a shit on this hehehe we have really cool record and I`m glad that we can record and release something to remember Chuck Schuldiner because music of Death and Control Denied is still music what we listen with huge pleasure and we still learn from it.

I must admit, you have a very old-school sound. As for me, this is the most natural sound that only can be in extreme metal. It is for that reason that I want to ask you about your attitude to the triggers and other studio shit. In your opinion, what should be a perfect balance between modern technology and classic "analog" sound? (You can comment on the strengths and weaknesses of each of these approaches)
...RD: Right now we record by ourselves in our rehearsal room and we have really good gear to record all of this screams hehehe ... its modern gears ofcourse some preamps , mixing desks , digital audio interfaces , signal processors etc .... but ! we record everything through the mics and we newer use some Amplitubes , Guitars Rig shits or other virtual amps or drums or other stuff like that ... we always try to obtain the most natural sound of our gear that we play and use on concerts ...ofcouse we change settings use other mics or other position of mics to catch this "thing" and we still learn how to obtain the best sound from our gears and try to keep this balance between this two worlds from 1992 and 2012 and find the best way to record better than the last time modern technology its ok from the sound eingeneer point of view beceause we keep all studio gear in two racks :) not in all room :)hehehe like they was two decades ago but the technique of recording its still the same and I think its the best.

Can you name the bands which are important for you and can inspire you? Can you name the band, which once inspired you to regicide deceaseplay music?
...RD: In that moment I should say DEATH !!! and ok its true death was huge inspiration for me and for all of us its was one of the first band what I hear right next to Sepultura or Slayer but I can`t say about inspiration in context "copying music" or something like that I always try to not copy any of style of this bands and of any other bands we try to go by our way and we try to create our music without any suggestion from outside or inside " metal fashion " if we even can say about something like that in 2013 year hehehe but yeah if someone say "hey its to slow " or " to less of blasts I hear in your music " we say "hey fuck you its our way" ... about my personnal music inspiration to play music it was person completely out from the metal world that person was mr Joe Satriani and I can say he learn me how to really play in guitar second person who show me lots of indispensable guitar technique was Stevie Ray Vaughan another guy from diffrent story ... If we want to concetrate on metal music only I think the "Dead Embryonic Cells" music video of Sepultura convince me to try to play extreme metal music and go this path.

How often you play concerts? Which of your shows was most memorable for you, and with which of the "big" bands you would like to perform on stage? (You can name the currently existing bands, and those that no longer exist.)
...RD: In last year we start with the concerts for serious and play several concerts for a start ... right now we prepare for a few concerts and Metal Scrap Records 20th Anniversary big tour in Ukraine and Poland ... I think the most memoraable show was the concert in Moldova in Chisinau we was the headliner and we have few hours to talk with many peoples and drink so ... we think in Moldova nobody come in that kind of show and we was surprised how many people come so I think that was really cool gig and everything was great even sound eingeneer hehehe :) ... with who we want to perform on stage hmmm I can say from available its Obituary , Atheist ,  Gorguts , Morbid Angel and Cannibal Corpse from not available in Europe its Sadus or Solstice I think they play only continental USA nowhere else but play with some legendary Florida Death Metal band its our dream believe me :)

What is the most important lesson you have done for yourself by playing in a band? Everything happens exactly the way you expected (when you was a young fan of this music), or there is a disappointment?
...RD: Hehe :) as a teenager ofcourse I think like many young people ... that its a really cool to ride just like that playin gigs drink beer meet some people mostly chicks :) hehe dont care about anything ... but it was in early 90 so this music was really popular at that time and right now its different and its sad but yeah in modern real world its a really tough to keep everything in one piece even with emails , chats etc in such a hard times for this music espiecally if You dont have any kind of manager or person who care about your promotion , concerts etc and you need to do everything by yourself like we do ... but I wouldnt call this as a disappoitment I think its was really nice lesson because keep all organization togheter is one but playin for people who want to listen Your music is second thing ... And I think this is our motivation to keep goin further do what we do right now and play more shows.

Дышать стало "Дочки-матери" труднее, в груди теснило.

Они должны "автокредит процентная ставка" находиться в "Наследие Темного Эльфа" запечатанном помещении.

Мук, промолвил он "Гадания и Пасьянсы" наконец, завершив осмотр.

На таком "Белоснежка должна умереть" расстоянии они казались игрушечными.

Вплоть "Септимус Хип Магика" до эпохи сооружения египетских пирамид.

То, что "краткосрочные вклады под высокий процент" глава Корпорации "Ужин в черкесском ауле" Нишитцу сказал в следующее "Охота" мгновение, подсказало Джиро, что, "Меньшее зло" несмотря на видимую сторону дела, это было не так.


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