MIND AFFLICTION (for Atmosfear Magazine #11)

1. Hi! In your music, except Death and Black metal we can hear influences of other styles. But even so, your music sounds quite naturally and organically. Tell us how you manage to combine all these elements and describe music of Mind Affliction.
Hi, thanks for the kind words, we’re glad that our music doesn’t sound constrained or unnatural. How did we make this mix work? Well, we think it’s because of the wide variety of music every one of us listens to and the fact, that when we started we didn’t choose to play any specific genre, just whatever happened, happened and we simply went along with it.

2. Your debut album contains song called The Human Centipede. Do I understand correctly that this song is a direct reference to the horror movie with the same name? In my opinion, both parts of this movie are full shit and degradation. What is so attractive for you in this shit?
Yes, the song is a direct reference to the movie. And yes, it’s full of disgusting shit and stuff, but on the other hand, it’s kind of fascinating - how twisted does one have to be to come up with all that? Which begs the question if everybody is capable of creating something like that? Or more like, is this depravity somewhere inside every person and if so - what does it need to manifest itself?

3. By the way, what is the basic concept of your lyrics? If I understand correctly, most of them are about the modern "diseases" of humanity?
Not exactly. “Pathetic Humanity” tells a story of one man, sick and perverted. He’s a sexual deviant, likes experimenting on people and is generally seriously disturbed. Finally, being under influence of some very strong medication and probably drugs, he decides to end his life and hangs himself. So, well, it’s not as much about “diseases” of humanity, as its depravities.

4. Have you plans for a full tour to support the album? And, in general, how is important for you to do live performances?mind affliction
Yes, we’re planning a tour around Poland, but we’re not sure how big it’s gonna be. For now, our focus is on two upcoming shows - with the Polish death metal legend Hate in February and with Ragnarok in March. Also, we’ll be performing alongside Solefald in June. As to your second question, we really enjoy playing live, in front of an actual audience and, kind of, absorbing their reaction to our music. Yeah, concerts are pretty important to us.

5. Today the Polish scene is very strong and large. Tell us more about a Polish scene - there reigns a tough competition, or the atmosphere of brotherhood and mutual support?
Well, it’s not an easy question - it really depends on the band, the musicians and maybe the region? Some people are just full of shit, look out only for themselves and insult everyone for no apparent reason. But we have cool friends in other bands and we generally tend to stick together, like you said in “the atmosphere of brotherhood and mutual support”.

6. What for you is the main stimulus for the further evolution of Mind Affliction?
One of the main incentives to create and improve our music is the positive feedback we’re getting from people, who like what we’ve done so far. Besides that, there is always some sort of need to do something more; let’s not forget that we’ve started the band for purely selfish reasons - just to play what we like. And we really take pleasure in what we do, so there’s that.


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