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Ukraine band Ungrace made quite an impression this Summer with their album 'Feed The Demons'. It was an album that stood out and the combination of 'stand out album' and 'little known band' makes all kinds of 'interview alert' lights flash at the Lords Of Metal headquarters. So, time to ask vocalist Evgeny/Eugene to tell us a bit more about Ungrace.

Interview was prepared by Sicktus (Lords Of Metal)
Answering: Eugene Zoidze-Mishchenko (UNGRACE, vocals)

1) Could you introduce yourself and Ungrace to our readers?
Hi, it is Eugene/Evgeny here, I am the singer in Ungrace. We also have Anton, who plays guitar, Alex on drums and another Eugene on the bass.

2) Congrats on the new album! It has been out for a couple of months now, how is it being received in the Ukraine and the rest of the world?
Thanks! Surprisingly, 'Feed The Demons' is received very well all over the world. The response is mostly positive, with only a couple of negative ones, so we are satisfied.

3) Your music sounds modern and crisp on the one hand, but it also has some powerful references to nineties acts like Fear Factory and old Machine Head. There is some Slayer in their as well I think. Yet you are undeniably an industrial act as well. How did this blend evolve?
Well, the music of Ungrace emerges from all of our combined musical tastes. Most of us prefer oldschool metal music, personally I like more of the late 90s, early 00s alternative and metal, but we all try to make something more up-to-date as well.

4) You have contributed a track to a Russian Die Krupps tribute album; do you consider them an influence on your sound? What other bands would you consider influences?
Although we like them, we definitely do not call them an influence of ours in any way. We tend to look up at some more extreme and brutal bands like Cryptopsy, Slayer, Death, Behemoth and many others.

5) What our your lyrical influences?
There is enough evil in this world to give me themes to write on. Everything bad, perverted and obscene deserves to be mirrored in my lyrics. You cannot write about something innocent in metal music, so I write some spooky stories of hatred and mental delusions.

6) What can you tell us about the Die Krupps tribute album?
To be honest: we did not listen to it yet.

ungrace7) I haven't heard the self-released 'Hostile Revival' album, what is the similarity or difference between the two albums? And is it still available?
Well, technically speaking our first album is not self-released. It was digitally released by the DFMO in 2010, but this label is no longer alive, so now there is no official way to download it except from some torrents and stuff. You can listen to it for free on our SoundCloud account here. 'Feed The Demons' is a product of evolution. Some things stayed, some had to go away, so it is a natural development from 'Hostile Revival'.

8) You have done a tour to support 'Feed The Demons', what can you tell about that tour? What gigs were the most memorable?
This was our most successful European tour so far. Almost everything was great except for one or two cities. I cannot even name a most memorable one because the whole tour was awesome!

9) Any chance we will get to see Ungrace live over here this year, or perhaps in 2014?
We do not plan playing live this year anymore due to the production of our third studio album. As soon as we finish it, we will book a tour, but I do not know whether we will be going to The Netherlands or not. We would like to visit your country, though.

10) If we ever get a chance to see Ungrace live, what can we expect? What makes an Ungrace show stand out from other bands and live shows?
Balls-to-the-wall metal massacre and massive murders are the mildest words that snap in my head when I think of our performance. Well, maybe porno holocaust, but I think its some Ed Woods movie or something.

11) You are on Metal Scrap Records, from the Ukraine as well. Can we expect a new record on Metal Scrap as well, or in other words, how many albums do you plan on releasing through them?
I cannot tell you the exact number because we did not plan our future that far. All that I can say is that we are gonna release at least one more album with their help.

12) Although the album is only out for a couple of months, are you working on new stuff, new plans yet? What can we expect in the coming months or years from Ungrace?
We are working on our third album right now. It is going to be more violent, rude and hateful than anything we did before, I can tell you that. We plan to release it next year, again, with the help of Metal Scrap records.

13) Your bass player lives in Moscow, am I correct? How does that work, when rehearsing, recording or touring?
Thankfully, Eugenes skill as a bass player allows him not to worry with rehearsing in full cast. He has got a little studio at home, so we have no troubles with recording either. As for live shows - Eugene plays on big show and tours, and when some single local gig is coming we have a backup bass player at home, so we have got everything covered when it comes to low frequencies.

14) Some of you have been active in a lot of other bands. Forgive me for saying that most of those are not very well known, can you introduce some of the bands and what they sound like?
Well, the only two that are worth mentioning are Hell:On (in which band Anton plays) and Mind Shredder (where Alex plays drums and Anton is the sound engineer). Hell:On is a thrash/groove band, widely known in Ukraine and raising popularity in Europe. They have released three albums so far and the fourth one, called 'Hunt' will be released in November 2013. Mind Shredder is an industrial metal band that is popular in Ukraine. They are working on their debut album right now.

15) Ok, that is it for now, any famous last words?
I wish all of humanity to die as quickly as possible! Thats maybe it.


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