VADIKAN (for Battle Helm Magazine)

VADIKAN is another cool band from Russia that should get the attention that they deserve. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Interview was prepared by Anders Ekdahl (Battle Helm Magazine)

1) Just so we know what we are dealing with could you please give us a short introduction to the band.
- VADIKAN is a Russian Gothic Metal band with female vocals. It is a studio project founded by the guitarist and sound producer Vadim Pashutin (Gross Grolland).
The first few tracks were recorded in 2004.
Vocalist Yulia Tikhomirova joined the project in 2007, and two demos were released soon after. These were performed in different styles and featured a number of other vocalists and instrumentalists.
Bass player Ilya Filipyev joins the band in 2011, and new material is being built within one year.
A video of Hydrargyrum is shot in 2012.
As of 2013, Metal Scrap Records release VADIKAN’s debut album, Hydrargyrum.
Julia Tikhomirova – vocal
Vadim Pashutin – guitar
Ilya Filipyev – bass

2) When you release an album do you feel a great relief or do you immediately start worry what people will think of it?
- Relief is only to be felt because the work is done, whereas the process of creation really never ceases – there is always something to be added or changed. The thing is to seize the moment and say ‘Stop’. It is only then that you start worrying about what people would say about the album.

3) When do you know it is time to start thinking about a new album? How do you know it is time to start thinking about a new album?
- Frankly speaking, I am always thinking about a new album. New ideas appear in my head every now and then, and I write them down in my notebook or sing the melodies into the dictaphone. But before, I need to find the time to sit down and seriously workon all this. VADIKAN is a hobby, and one needs much time for a hobby, let alone the money.

4) What kind of reactions have you had to the latest album? How do they match the ones you thought you would get on the new album?
- It’s not so easy as we might have expected. Opinions on ‘Hydrargyrum’ were sometimes discordant. One critic would totally shit on us, another would say that Vadikan was a fresh trend in gothic metal etc. Contradictions were sometimes concerned about vocals and style. I must note that foreign critics gave the release a much more warm welcome than domestic ones. Altogether we rather received positive marks, good recommendations and optimistic prospects for the future. This is a good result for a debut.

vadikan5) Do you get confused for a Christian band with a name that is so close to The Vatikan?
- I had such concerns first when the name VADIKAN emerged. Astonishingly, you’re the first one to have asked. Someone might have had an idea that VADIKAN has to do with religion, but we don’t hear that.

6) Now that almost everybody has access to the internet and can reach out to the whole World how important is a strong local scene?
- VADIKAN is strictly a studio project and we have never played live. But even if there was such a possibility, it is unlikely that gigging local pubs would make the band popular. It only works in small provincial towns, and in large cities, one might play clubs for his whole lifetime and still be underground.

7) What kind of respect do you get from your regional/national press? Do they recognize local bands or is it just the big bands that come through on tour that gets the “headlines”?
- A number of Russian portals and zines placed articles about the release, and there have been reviews.

8) What ways has been the best for you in order to promote the band? What do you do to reach as many interested as possible?
- Promotion ismostly made by our label, Metal Scrap Records. And we have released a few videos and support our internet pages.

9) How easy is it to get blinded by 5000 Facebook likes or 3000 hits on Youtube and think that you’ve made it big? How do you best utilize the interest you get on social media to actually have it mean something in real life?
- The amount of likes and hits aren’t a mark of a good product for me. There are videos that are extremally dumb, lousy and are packed with total washout, but still they gain millions of views, and it is sickening.

10) What would you like to see the future bring to the band?
- Satisfaction of creation.


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