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Interview was prepared by David Déniz Plaza (Necromance)necromance
Answering Pavel "Paul.G.Wicker" Cherkasov (ARUNA AZURA, вокал)

Q: Can you elaborate on how exactly you guys came to assemble ARUNA AZURA? Did you know each other before hand, or did it just kind of happen?
A: Actually, we know each other for quite a long time, something about 10 years or maybe more. We’ve got much to discuss and remember together. Every one of us has at least one or two joint projects in the past. The idea to assemble ARUNA AZURA came on minds of Max War-M, Alex T.Age and Anthony Crimson in July, 2009. Guys just wanted to try their skills in playing an orthodox Death Metal without any reverences to the side of Progressive or Avantgarde. After they realized they wanted some more they suggested me and Michael B.Raw to take part in that affair. So, the impulse was taken. By the way, an idea to call a new formation ARUNA AZURA was completely expressed by Max War-M.

Q: After your first demo “Let them live” was released you spent a lot of time preparing your debut album. How successful was this time preparing your debut CD?
A: There were some personal reasons for us to prepare our debut release “A Story Of A World’s Betrayal” for almost 4 years, up to 2013. But there was no stagnation at all. All of us, except Alex T.Age decided to focus on another project, THE UNHALLOWED in a collaboration with Damien T.G. (better known as Stielas Storhett by his one-man project) and extremely talented singer Polina Larsen. As a result, the longplay called “Chaingenesis” was recorded and is to be released soon by Worm Hole Death, Italy. After all the preparations and lacerations we met together again to remind ourselves that one more ton of good stuff was willing to see the light, so ARUNA AZURA was awaken from the sleep.

Q: This past year, you released your debut album entitled “A story of a world's betrayal”. In terms of feedback, fan-following, and maybe even sales, how has the disc been received so far?
A: The answer for this question is rather simple. There’ll always be three kinds of feedback: “like”, “dislike” and “don’t care”. We’ve felt a true taste of them all. But I may say the positive feedback is in majority, principally. At least, there are some aspects that make our album far from ideal but that ideal is unreachable, I guess. After all we say thanks for adequate opinion to all those who attentively listened to our “Story”.

Q: Where did you guys come up with the name "A story of a world's betrayal" for the new album?
A: The duties of lyrics writing and creating a conception for a band are all mine. After finishing the recording process I analyzed an album’s ideology thoroughly and it dawned on me that the only phrase reflecting all the summation is “A story of a world’s betrayal”. There were two more variants but guys an I decided, “A story…” was the best one.

Q: Are there any tracks that are your personal favorites or that have some good stories behind them?
A: That’s too difficult to separate one track from another. They are like our kids. But as for me, I’d rather mentioned “Substance”, “Azure Sun” and “Disaster Lullaby” as the most powerful by their message and synopsis though the whole album.

Q: What benchmarks do you use to determine when you’ve written a good song or to determine when a song is finished for you?
A: There’s only one criteria to determine that fact: when all is said and done, there’s no need to add anything at all. That’s not understood from a logical point of view but we don’t use any algorithms for songwriting, just play what we feel. You may endlessly work at track like Sisyphus but if don’t stop in time, the stone will bury you. So, insight is a best way, I think.

aruna azura bandQ: Who are some of your musical inspirations and influences? Do you have a sound or band that you aspire to be like or is ARUNA AZURA about you exploring yourselves musically and creatively?
A: Frankly speaking, all of us got different musical preferences. There is a wide range of bands and solo artists that we listen to every day, different styles and genres. We try to be at the edge and follow the latest news. But of course, there are some metal icons for us, eg. Death, Cynic, Atheist, Megadeth, Necrophagist, Slayer etc. That's impossible to mention'em all.

Q: How is your record label treating you and the new album?
A: We're proud to be a part of Metal Scrap records, one of the well-known metal labels from Ukraine. Our cooperation is based on responsibility and trust of both sides, the label and the band. And of course, we're lucky to get acquainted with Metal Scrap's head and father, Anatoly. He's really doing a great work.

Q: Are there any plans for a tour?
A: For some months we've taken a small pause as our drummer is out for business, but of course, we've got the plans for a tour over Russia at first and Eastern Europe couple of months later. Finally, that's the way no band can ignore.

Q: did you guys have any one gig that really stood out as being special or stellar?
A: Up to this moment our possibilities to have a really stellar gig have been limited a bit. But I'm sure, the tour we're planning may change everything.

Q: During the course of the next few months what’s in store for ARUNA AZURA and its members?
A: Just stay tuned an you'll hear and see! ARUNA AZURA has something special plans surprises for you in a nearest future. As for members, there are different activities tearing us apart from time to time: regular jobs, daily worries. But everything's eventual.

Q: How has technology affected your music? Has the Internet or more specifically the proliferation of all the file sharing websites affected you at all?
A: Technology is like a knife that's two ways to be used, I mean there's unjustifiable range of goods that social web and other communication and file sharing services give to us. The one unknown today may wake up a celebrity tomorrow's morning thanks to web. But there is a great disadvantage music's been losing it's value due to it's quantity and easiest availability. The future of musical industry is undefined, but nowadays technology sometimes plays on the enemy's side.
As for us, we've met URLs for downloading of our album at many web resources but cannot truly say that's good or bad. Just let people know. Just let us remember the price musicians pay to do all their best.

Q: Any Last Words?
A: Anytime you wake up just remember we're just guests at this beautiful planet. Learn to read between the lines and hear between the lies every day.
And of course, never stop listening to the music by all means. That's a matter uniting us.
Sincerely yours, ARUNA AZURA


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