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Interview was prepared by David Déniz Plaza (Necromance)

def light band 11. Hello! Thanks for doing this interview with us. How are the things in DEF/LIGHT lately?
Excellent. We are inspired by success of our album. This is great opportunity to improve our musical skills.

2. Tell us something about the first few years in the band's existence. Was it difficult finding the right members for the first line-up, arranging rehearsals, doing promotion locally and eventually writing the first DEF/LIGHT songs?
At first we weren`t too serious with music. And we only were having fun. Later we got sense of our music, we started putting some ideas and we got goals. From that very moment everything became harder. In our country being a metal musician is difficult. Sometimes we get too much attention from the police. To find veliable members wasn’t on easy task. We had been play with lot of musician before we found present collective.

3. In 2010 you recorded and independently released the "Hateforhateone" debut CD,  how much opportunities did that CD offer up to the band? Was it based on that that Metal Scrap offered you a recording contract?def light band 2
In 2010 we released our second CD. The first one dates back to 2008. However, both Hateforhateone CD and the previous one didn’t work out the way we planned. Паша!!!!! А название одним словом это правильно.??? Или это опечатка? We don't feel ashamed of our work but I'd rather call it “our first steps”. Due to the help of some good people, Trascendevil turned out different. The publisher had known us for quite a long time (not only by our work in 2010) and we got along well rather quickly.

4. And how you look back on those first debut CD?
Albums 2008 (DEMO) and 2010 Hateforhateone are far from being perfect. We were searching and developing. Actually, this is what we are also doing now but much better.

def light band 35. Three years later, in 2013, a second CD was cut with "Trascendental". In what ways was this CD superior to the first one you cut in 2010?
It was better in almost every aspect: sound, level of composing, performance. “Trascendevil” is harder and more melodic at the same time. More philosophical and musical ideas are reflected in it. This is what I am grateful to the musicians, sound producers, publisher, model, photographer and ten more good people for, as well as for books, music and everything that this damn universe surrounds us with.

6. Personally, how would you describe the band's sound in "Trascendental"?
Compact, hard and deep.

7. Can you take us through the motions of writing and recording the album? What did you really set out to achieve?
Of course. We got a great experience and though we’ve gone through some obstacles we managed to successfully find good partners. I’d like to mention the work with the studio called Pain of Darkness. The cooperation with them was excellent. We got wonderful mix from MAGNA OPERA studio (Moscow). Many hours of work and the album is ready.

8. I know it’s a tough question but can you choose your favorite song of the album?
Yes, that’s a tricky one. From the point of view of atmosphere and musical content I like Antikrist Tabor. From the point of view of lyrics I’d say Philosopher’s Garden is closer to me.

9. What can you tell us about the artwork?def light band 4
I didn’t quite understand your question. If you mean the cover of the CD, it was my work as an artist, my friend (wonderful and beautiful Yevgeniya Vechnova) was a model and a talented photographer (Pavel Glushchuk). If you mean the creative work itself, it is the highest expression of spirit and will of a person. There is nothing that could better reflect the essence of a human rather than creative work. That’s why it is the most valuable thing we (musicians) have. We give out everything we have…every note.

10. Well, I’m running out of questions, so feel free to end this interview in any way you like.
Get free in your creative work, develop. Enjoy the power of your Will!!! Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law! 93!

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