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Answering Anatoliy Kondyuk (Metal Scrap Records)

Averatu: Who the hell are you?
Anatoliy: Not Hell, just Heaven). South of Heaven! I am Anatoliy Kondyuk, I’m just a boss of independent metal label, Metal Scrap Records and Total Metal Records located in Ukraine (ex-part of USSR), Central Europe.

Averatu: Why did you decide to do a crazy thing like start a metal record label? We all know the real money is in Polka music.
Anatoliy: I think any chief of metal label don’t think about money when start it. It’s starts as hobby.

Averatu: When and where did you start?
Anatoliy: In the army. Yes, I was in army, when we start Metal Scrap Corporation with another guy from Russia. It was in 1993. Year after Metal Scrap zine was out. It was handwritten, 100 copies printed underground zine with a few interviews and something else. It was in 1994.

Averatu: You have metal in the former Soviet Union republic now known as Ukraine? Does it have anything to-do with bear wrestling?
msr for averatuAnatoliy: Ukraine and 13 more was a republics of this big Soviet monopoly. Ukraine exists much more before Soviet Union, from XII-XVI century (I think nobody know exactly). Ukraine was a part of Russian Imperia before and never was independent . But all Russian imperia take roots from Kiev city (not from Moscow), and Kiev is the main city of Ukraine. We try to be independent few times, but it’s had bad final). But soon after Soviet Union crashing, Ukraine fight their independence.

Averatu: What is the state of the music of metal in the Ukraine, is it vibrant, are there decent festivals and venues? You don't seem to have a shortage of bands!
Anatoliy: Yes, it’s vibrant, but not so much as in Europe. We have few printed magazines, webzines and few festivals like Metal Heads’ Mission and Global East Festival. We have a lot of bands in Ukraine too.

Who was the first band you signed and released?
Anatoliy: The first released band was Rejectee Party (Industrial Metal) from Ukraine, it was 1995 MC release. First released band on CD was Tangorodream (Black Metal) from Ukraine, back in 2008. We have a break in label life from 2000 to 2007.

Averatu: What can we expect from Anatoliy and Metal Scrap in the future?
Anatoliy: In the beginning of 2014, we'll release a second Greek band in our catalogue (the first was Memorain, from Athens, last year), called Wings In Motion. Of cause, many great bands from Ukraine and Russia will released this year too!
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