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Interview was prepared by David Déniz Plaza (Necromance)necromance web magazine

1) For those not familiar with I MISS MY DEATH, can you tell us a little bit about yourselves?
I Miss My Death can certainly be called a representative of true romantic Gothic atmosphere in Ukraine. Some call us a pearl of Ukrainian Gothic Doom Metal scene. The band was formed in 2007 and at the moment released two albums (demo and full-length), one single and one DVD. Peculiar melodic sound combined with the distinctive aristocratic image allow the listener unerringly identify the band. I Miss My Death carries the atmosphere of decadance with penetrating notes of gloomy art to masses.

2) What is the story behind the name of the band I MISS MY DEATH?
It symbolizes the ancient creaure that grasped eternity survived its death, has known all of his life, eventually got tired of it, and as something sublime and unique misses its death. In the new album the name of our band finds a new face. It shows us wisdom of the old person and a burden of his past years.

3) Your debut CD, "In Memories" has just been released. Now that it is complete how do you feel about it and are you satisfied with the outcome?
Of course perfection has no limit. Even now we can find a lot of missed opportunities. But we are satisfied. Our development is very prominent and we did our best for the moment of recording process. It turned out exactly as we have conceived it -  varied and concept at the same time.

4) What is your writing process like?
The writing process is a path. You never know what's waiting behind the corner. The main thing is to determine the destination for ourselves. Otherwise we just give the muse.

5) What is the story behind the name of the record "In memories"?
“In Memories” album is not just a collection of compositions but a whole story that can be traced from song to song. It’s the story where each paragraph is a new round of sad legend with lonely and opposed to the whole world romantic hero in its center. Dramatic center of the story is in the memories of the hero.

i miss my death band6) Where do you draw your inspiration from when you are writing?
We are inspired by beauty. This beauty can reside in music, in literature, in nature and in environment. We are open to all new, we listen to the world but do not forget about the past. Inspiration can come any moment and in any situation from any direction, and it's very important to catch it.

7) I MISS MY DEATH's music is simply beautiful, ethereal and extremely atmospheric. How do you manage to create these kinds of soundscapes? Can you tell me more about the recording process of the album?
During our recording process we paid more attention to details than in previous time. We used more classic music elements, paid more attention at arrangements, used more instruments, etc. We are pleased that our sound results are noticed.

8) Let's talk about the album cover. How this image relates with the album's music and lyrics?
The whole our album is devoted to memories. All our actions leave a trace in someone's life and stay in recollection. The concept of our album is in assumption that we stay alive till we stay in someone's memory. Our albums cover complements this idea. We see the empty chair in old room and think about past days. But then we recognize the human shadow which comes from that chair and realise that all leaves its mark.

9) Do you have any touring plans in support of the release?
We have some touring plan in fact. But unfortunately we can't tell something particular because of complicated situation in our country.

10) What is the scene like in the part of Ukranie the band is from? Do you receive a good amount of support from the fans and the scene in general?
We are well known on Ukrainian Metal scene. Our fans are really great and we get huge support from them. By the way, they are very demanding so we have keep the brand all time.

11) What is next for you guys?
Admit secretly, we have some vision for next two releases. They’ll be different from previous but will keep the same mood.

12) Any last words to end up the interview?
Listen to good music and look wider at the world ;)


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