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Toca dar el salto hasta tierras polacas para entrevistar a los MORTIS DEI, banda que el pasado año 2014 editaron a través de Metal Scrap Records y que bajo el título de “Salvation never comes” nos trae una propuesta death metal influenciada por el sonido de DEICIDE, GOD DETHRONED y algo del sonido de los PESTILENCE.

Interview was prepared by David Déniz Plaza (Necromance)
Answering: Grzegorz Zaremba (Mortis Dei; bass)

1) Did you all know each other before the band formed?
The band exists mor than 20 years and a few people played with us during that time. I'm in the band from the very start and others joined M.D later. Current band members are; Łukasz Kobusiński - vocal , Mirosław Harenda - git , Bartosz Gawroński - git , Maciej Urbaniak - drums , Grzegorz Zaremba - bass .

2) MORTIS DEI comes with as new album and the official first one!!! tell us a few words about this one?
Over the years, we weren't lucky enough to be recorded by a decent record label We had a few offers, but we were'nt interested . We did our best, when trying to record  our music by ourselves. We were responsible for production, recording and sale. Of course it wasn't perfect, but we did everything we could to reach the widest audience possible. Now, Metal Scrap Records took us under their wing and finally everything is great. Our album is available to everyone around the world.

3) The people behind your new album "Salvation never comes" concerning mixing, mastering, production, art work... tell us something about these persons...
" Salvation Never Comes " was recorded, mixed and mastered in the IX Studio, under the watchful eye of producer Michał Barski . Mirek came up with cover layout idea, Agnieszka Bochniak made the graphics and Michał " Goldmoon " Kwaśniewski took all band photos.

4) How did you feel when the recordings were completed?
Our work in the studio has overrun for some reasons, but we are very satisfied with the final result. We achieved most things, which we planned at the start.  Our music is brutal, but also quite melodic with some different flavourings. It sounds great and kicks asses.

5) Musically speaking, which are the major differences between the music in this new album "salvation never comes" and your previous efforts?
First, I must say, we had a 5 year break between recording “Salvation” “and “Last failure”  During that time we had some changes in our band. Our guitarist and lead compositor Piotr Niemczewski left. Mirek Harenda, our previous vocal took his place. He’s an author of most of new album pieces.
Łukasz Kobusiński is our vocalist after long break and Bartek Gawroński is our second guitarist.
While listening to previous albums, you will hear changes in the music and arrangements, but most of the time it’s the spirit of Mortis Dei. Our new album was recorded in a different studio, which also had an impact on changes in the sound .

mortis dei band6) Who writes the lyrics in the album?
As I said earlier, Mirek wrote all lyrics. “Salvation…” is a concept album, and tells stories about very dark of voids of human mind. Possibly lyrics on next albums will be written by others band members.

7) So, the album is here... what's next? what are you looking to accomplish?
We always tried to introduce our music to as wide range of audience as possible. Recording album for Metal Scrap gave us a chance to accomplish that. The album is available for everyone, it’s easy to buy it on CD or digital.
We have already started writing music for the next album but we remember about our fans, who want to meet our previous pieces. In 2014 we released a digipack of our previous albums. It is titled “Two Decades Of Anger” and was released by Sepulcross Production Digipack includes:
"Last Failure" – 2008; "My Lovely Enemy" – 2006; "The Loveful Act Of Creation" – 2002; and for the first time on CD , "Landscapes" – 1997.

8) Which of the songs from this new album is your personal favorite one and why?
We don’t have a favourite one, as we like them all. We chose "Going Dawn" to our promo video but it wasn’t an unanimous decision. On the shows we play all the songs from the new album. W also play hits from previously albums and several times we played new songs.

9) How did you choose Metal Scrap records to release the album?  Any other proposals?
We had a few propositions, but nothing specific. We contacted with Metal Scrap thanks to Przemek Frąk from Heretic Radio. Then things happened very fast. Within five months, "Salvation Never Comes” was born.

10) What are the benefits and challenges of working with them?
Promotion is the biggest benefit and Metal Scrap is doing great job. We are very satisfied, because Metal Scrap reaches the places, which we never would get.
This is a huge step forward, as our band plays for twenty years, and never was so popular.

11) What were some of the first death metal albums you listened to? how did they impact you?
" Leprosy " by Death impressed me. This is probably the first death metal album that remained in my memory. Mortis Dei was formed when death metal was on the wave of popularity . In the beginning of the 90's there were many groups playing that kind of music. We were trying to find a place for Mortis Dei and do can’t really tell, which bands had the greatest impact on us at the beginning of our path.

12) Thanks for your time... the end of the interview is yours...
Thanks very much too.
I invite all metal fans (but not only them) to get aquainted with our music, especially our last album "Salvation Never Comes". Works on new material are in full swing. See you at the gigs and many thanks for your support.


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