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Con motivo de la salida de “Silence”, su más reciente trabajo, entrevistamos a la banda pocala de Death / Doom SPATIAL para que nos hablaran de este trabajo que recomendamos escuchar a los seguidores de MOONSPELL, TYPE O NEGATIVE, TRISTANIA…

Interview was prepared by David Déniz Plaza (Necromance)

1. First of all, let me congratulate you for the amazing release "Silence". How has been the feedback so far?
Thanks, it's always good to hear that someone likes what we do and create. Well, the response is good, we received a lot of reviews, mostly positive which makes us very proud.

2. How did you guys get together and form SPATIAL?
We've been friends for a long time before Spatial was founded. I know Strzyga since high school which is already some 20 years, Kubek since 10 and Jimi since 6 years. Each had earlier played with various bands but one day we came up with the idea to play something together and form our common band. First we found some room to play and then we started looking for a vocalist and bassist. For vocals I immediately invited Strzyga because I knew him for years as a great vocalist(Heretique) and his timbre fit me perfectly into our music.We had a few bassists but finaly Premier stayed with us and we are glad because of this cause he's very good and ambitious young musician. And so we play for 6 years in this line.

3. Before the release of this debut CD you had a demo self released in 2012, did this demo help you to signing with Metal Scrap Records?
Hmmm, I do not know... I do not think it had some great influence... We sent to the label three other songs that weren't included in the demo Empire.

4. How did you get in touch with them?
Metal Scrap Records recommended us Adrian from Apocalyptic Rites Zine.
So we wrote an email to Anatoly that we are looking for label which will release our album. He asked for some material and that it's how it started.

5. Which artists or bands have been your biggest influences in your musical journey?
Hmm, this is a difficult question to answer because each of the musicians in the Spatial live in a different world of metal music. Probably this is why our work is so spatial and has such a large range of species that we are trying to unite the whole.
I sit mainly in the underground Black Metal (PLaga,Furia, Massemord, Evilfeast, Bliskirnir, Galdr, Fulgurum, Ulvegr, Mgła, Bestial Raids, Infernal War, Saltus, Nordvrede, Kaevum, Dark Fury, Ondskapt, Mare and dozens of other great bands). Strzyga prefers death metal, symphonic black metal, gothic metal (old Tristania, Dimmu Borgir, Old Man Child, Haggard, Theather of Tragedy, Dark Fortress, Dissection), Jimy, Kubek and Premier- mainly melodic death metal, technical metal (Machine Head, Pantera, Arch Enemy, Children of Bodom, Killswitch Engage, Dream Theater). So we have different tastes and inspirations.

spatial6. How was the songwriting process for "Silence"?
Most ideas for riffs and themes appeared during rehearsals, sometimes one of us came with a ready theme. We worked together on the arrangement of the song so that each of us was pleased with the final sound. We just played and created the music calmly without any pressure and rush. There were no deadlines chased us etc. So we had total freedom during creating.

7. And how about the recording process?
We recorded Silence in the same studio where we recorded the demo, in No Fear Records, in Rybnik (PL). We already had behind the first work in the studio so it was much easier for us this time. We came to the studio with a ready material and we decided that the full album will also contain songs from the Empire. Not because of lack of new material or ideas, but just because that the Empire sold out very quickly and we couldn't afford to make some additional copies. So we decide to remaster them gently and put on a full album. We think that these songs create the whole with other works so we're glad they hit in to the Silence. Generally recording ran smoothly and professionally, without much stress. I took along with final mixes half a year.

8. What was the lyrical inspiration behind the songs of this debut CD?
We are inspired by many things. Present events, as well as those from the distant past, the cosmos, the ubiquitous evil. Generally each text is a separate story and everyone has the right to their own interpretation.

9. When can we expect more new stuff from you guys?
We think that not earlier than in 2016. We already have four new songs and two of them we play our our concerts. We don't plan anything because it often ends up on anything. The time will tell.

10. What are your upcoming live plans for the next year?
In March we go on tour organized together with our label Metal Scrap Records. Except Spatial on tour will go two bands from the Metal Scrap stable and special guests who will accompany us in eight cities in Poland and the Czech Republic. We have planned a few festivals here in Poland.And above all, we organize the fourth edition of our moto-rock-metal free open air festival called "Niech Cisza Milczy", in our hometown Pyskowice. More info you can found on our website or our facebook:

11. Which records are you into lately?
Furia "Nocel", Ondskapt "Dodens Evangelium", Mare "Spheres Like Death", Galdr "Galdr", Ygg "Ygg", Wędrujący Wiatr "Tam, gdzie miesiąc opłakuje świt", The Mourningside "The Wind The Trees And The Shadow", Odraza "Esperalem Tkane", Behemoth "The Satanist", Coprolith " Death March", Mayhem "Esoteric Warfare", Machine Head "Bloodstone $ Diamonds", Moonspell "Night Eternal", Spatial "Silence".

12. Anything you would like to add the end the interview?
See you at our concerts and let the darkness embrace you all!


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