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SPATIAL – ticho léčí
…někde z dálky doléhá slabý závan větru a na jeho křídlech přináší něco povědomého. Nostalgickou vzpomínku na cestě časem, kdy se rázem ocitáte pár desítek let zpátky. Zpátky v době, kdy vše metalové mělo co nabídnout, v době rozkvetu. A někde tady se vynoří SPATIAL se „svým tichem“, není to průlomové ani inovativní album, ale je z něj cítit vášeň a snaha vytvořit dobrou muziku.

Interview was prepared by Martin Barták (Rock Hard Magazine #26)rock hard magazine 26

1. We do not know much about you despite the fact you come from neighbouring Poland. Can you introduce SPATIAL band to our Rock Hard readers?
We set up the band five years ago but we exist in the music scene playing gigs from some three.We came from small city called Pyskowice from Upper Silesia.
Our band are five guys with different metal genre music taste but what connects us in a 666% it's Spatial.
We play what we feel and we have no restrictions and we don't want to fit in any musical frame.Our music is usually called Doom Dark Melodic Death Metal but for us it's just spatial-metal.We realesed demo Empire (2012) and full lenght album Silence (2014).More information you can found on our website or our facebook.

2. The "Silence" debut has been released recently. What can you tell us about it? How are you happy with it? What about responses to the album?
"Silence" is our first bastard as a full-lenght album, released in April this year by the Ukrainian Metal Scrap Records.Label took care very well of that , they released Silence here in Europe and then, later, in USA.
 We are very pleased with it, especially with the sound of whole album.
The Silence gets lot of positive reviews from all around the world (for the curious, see the Label side or our Facebook). Of course there are also some negatives but we sincerely thank for all and we appreciate that someone has studied the album , no matter what was his opinion on this album after all.

3. Before "Silence", you had recorded "Empire"; demo two years ago that featured four songs which got appeared on the debut. Why? Have you not had material enough? There is two years time interval there.
Yes, It's true that our demo "Empire" was released two years ago but we didn't put these songs on our full length because of lack of new material or ideas, but just because that the Empire sold out very quickly and we- as a little-known band- couldn't afford to make some additional copies.So we decide to remaster them gently and put on a full album.These songs create the whole with other works so we're glad they hit in to the Silence.

4. How would you describe your music? It seems to me you are travel back in time. It does not need to be taken as negative, I just hear that good, old death doom. Do you have some special relation to it? Actually, what do you listen to? Who are your images?
Of course, the "Silence" could be seen as a journey through time as you can hear on our songs, sometimes in a literal sense because"Knights of the Forgotten Realm" was composed 15 years ago by me and Strzyga and was inspired by the old Tristania.
We listen to different types of metal, which is undoubtedly some inspiration when we're creating our music.That's why Spatial sounds so and not otherwise.I personally sit mainly in the underground Black Metal (Plague, Mist, Furia, Massemord Evilfeast, Bliskirnir, Infernal War, Saltus, Nordvrede, Kaevum, Dark Fury, Mare and dozens of other great bands.) In my opinion black metal reborn in great style.Strzyga ( vocal) prefers death metal, symphonic black metal, gothic metal (old Tristania,
Dimmu Borgir, Old Man Child, Haggard, Theather of Tragedy, Dark Fortress, Dissection) , Jimy and Kubek (guitars) and Premier (bass) - mainly melodic death metal, technical metal (Arch Enemy, Machine Head, Pantera, Children of Bodom, Killswitch Engage, Dream Theater).So as you can see we have different tastes and inspirations.

5. Can you stop for a moment at your album lyrics? Names of the songs seem to be quite gloomy – Golem, Silence, Funeral Kiss, You The Dark.
Both titles and lyrics - are gloomy, dark and usually tells about sad, evil and brutal side of our world. It fits the metal theme very well.As Strzyga says:"Metal is not a tube with cream".

spatial band6. I`d like to pay attention to the cover artwork that does not look very metal. Have not you underestimated this fact a little?
The cover was made by Karolina Gmiterek-great artist and painter.We presented her our idea of cover which was to refer to the title track Silence.After the first animation which we liked we asked her to painted a picture and so was the basis for cover.Skulls, corpses and guts-all these was already.We don't play brutal death metal or something. If for somebody the cover doesn't look very metal that's his problem, and as I said before we don't close in any frame or genre and this applies to
everything that Spatial makes.

7. Vocal work was a nice surprise to me. It requires a proper voice range while changing several positions from death metal murmuring through black croaking to clear voice. Is that Strzyga`s responsibility only? Does he have to practise his voice?
Thanks a lot. It's nice to hear words like that. All the vocals are arranged and made
by Strzyga. As for the vocal range - it is not something special inflated.
A little exercise and vodka gives some results.

8. I know Strzyga is involved in HERETIQUE band or, had been involved? Is the chapter closed? If not, do not they interfere with one another, SPATIAL and HERETIQUE?
Strzyga still "sings"in Heretique.They work hard on their secend album.Not long ago they shot a second professional video promoting this material.I even played in it a quarter of a second episode hehehee.
We don't interfere with one another, we are friends.One help the other, and if Spatial can't play gig for some reason then Heretique goes, and vice versa.

9. Polish music scene is filled with big names. Is it difficult break through them? What is in fashion of Polish underground now? What are relationships on the music scene?
Is it difficult to break through if you are litte know band. It is hard to find a publisher, organizing concerts in the best clubs is almost immposible if you don't have any connections.People do not want to come to the concerts of little-known bands which was not seen 15 years ago.Then people wanted to get out and see the band live. Now, many time, we've seen that attendance on very- know band concerts was low.Those big names started 15 or 20 years ago when the reality was
different.The human mentality too.I think young metal fans prefer concerts on youtube now.
We played a lot of gigs with less o more known bands (as Hate, Devilish Immpressions) and the relations were always good , we felt equally although we had less experience.
 What is in fashion of Polish underground now? I do not know, fashion scene never interested me, just music hehehehe

10. Your debut is released at Metal Scrap Records. How did you get to them and why the choice has been made right for them?
MSR recommended to us our friend Robin from Apocalyptic Rites Zine.We have already resigned couse we were looking for the publisher almost for a year without any success.This was a great choice that we do not regret. They do very good job, we really look forward to further cooperation with M.S.R.

11. What are you preparing for your album support? Any tours in your schedule? Is it possible to see you in Czech Republic or Slovakia?
We are mainly promoted by our label which sends our CDs to various magazines and metal web-zines.
Spatial also shot a video for the title track "Silence".We also promote our band through the festival "Niech Cisza Milczy" - Moto-Rock-Metal Festival, Free Open Air.
On March 2015, we plan to tour in which we will play one concert in Tryniec ( Club Barrocko) in Czech Republic.

12. Thank you for your time and a few final words?
See you at our concerts and let the darkness embrace you all!


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