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Interview was prepared by Raúl Sújar Pozohijos del metal magazine 18
Answering: Serge (I MISS MY DEATH - vocal, guitar, lyrics), Helen (I MISS MY DEATH - vocal)

1. Let´s start by introducing the band to all of them that didn´t know you before. It was created in 2007 and there have been many lineup changes since then. Tell us briefly about the band´s history and how you have ended up with your actual line up.
Helen: Yes, «I Miss My Death» was formed in 2007 and at the moment released two albums (demo and full-length), one single and one DVD with official video clip. This year another DVD (our Album Presentatio Show) will be released. We are well known in our country, mostly because of distinctive aristocratic image and romantic music vision. We changed a lot from 2007, but our main idea is the same. As well as our frontman – Serge: Our actual line up was forming for years. We were searching for people with the same view and great desire. And we’ve found them!

2. How were those working first years that you edited a couple of demos?
Serge: Well, first years were very hard. The band was formed in small town Mironovka. There are still no rehearsal rooms, metal stages, no metal life at all. Yes, we created music but we didn’t know how to promote it. Concert activity started only after band’s move to the capital of our country in 2009. In the same year we recorded our first demo-album “…At Her Funeral”.

3. Last year you edited your first album, “In Memories”, which you are promoting at the moment. Why did you wait a few years to edit your debut?
Helen: First we wanted to record our old material, so we self-released an album, then single and after that shot video clip. We started our work on “In Memories” only in middle 2012. It took so much time because of our aspiration to make it better.

4. You promo sheet make a reference to Tristania, Draconian, Theatre of Tragedy… To ask for your influences would be very obvious, but, what you think that differences you from other bands?
Helen: Of course, we were influenced by a lot of bands, but they were not our inspiration. We are romantics, we sing about human relationships inspired by our feelings and surveillance. Our romantic vision is quite dark and in this case we’re similar with those bands.
Serge: Also we have some special features. In modern times we still prefer classic. Classic music, classic live sound, classic gothic romantic view. Our love to classic elements led us to the decision of bringing academic vox to our music. And this decision was absolutely right! Helen has the best voice on our metal stage, indeed!

5. The band´s name marks the melancholic and gothic side of the band, what literary referencies have you got to write your lyrics?
Serge: The band’s name and first lyrics were created under the impression of vampire literature – Bram Stoker and Anne Rice. Also vampire shape from “Dracula” and “Interview with the Vampire” became the foundation of our image.
Helen: In later songs, including things from “In Memories”, list of inspirational literature has expanded. Mostly it was classic, such as Bulgakov, Dickens, Poe, Bowen, Austin and Hoffman. As you see, our preferences are still dark)

i miss my death band6. This kindn of music is usually associated to mournfull and cold scenaries… and coming from Ukraine that feeling increases. Are you well esteemed in your country?
Helen: We are well known among gothic/doom/sympho lovers. But these styles are only a part of all metal styles, which you can find on Ukrainian scene. Anyway we love our fans and do our best to satisfy them.

7. There´s a violin in your music, was it recorded by a musician?
Helen: Yes, we invited professional musician Anatoly Gavrilov to record viola(yes, it was viola). He is really great musician - he plays viola at symphony orchestra and cooperates with a lot of famous bands. We are glad to have such sound on our album!

8. You recorded Mozart´s “Lacrimosa”, would you like to play someday with an orchestra?
Helen: Yes, it’s our dream! We have experience of cooperation with string duo and back vox, but it would be better to play with orchestra and choir. We hope to implement it in the near future.

9. Elena, you sing and play piano on the album. Do you do both things live as well, or do you have it recorded?
Helen: I no longer play the piano in I Miss My Death. Nick Grom does it since 2011. But I still write music and play for my pleasure and for my piano classes in Music Academy. Talking about recording, I’ve recorded only “Earl Pale” from “In Memories” album.

10. Your country is currently living a complicated situation. I would imagine that this affects your lives and also the band´s activity. How does it affect the band?
Serge: Everyone feels the effect…  Of course our band slows down its activity. We have to cancel the tour to some East European countries, also the recording of the next album is delayed. But all these facts are not so important in our situation. We all hope for peace, everything else will come after.

11. Is Ukraine´s Metal scene solid and united between the bands, or do you just go separate ways?
Serge: In current situation only unity saves us.

12. I´ve seen some images from your live show and I see that you´ve been playing in small and big venues. Which has been your most important gig till date?
Helen: Really, we played on different stages all over Ukraine. Some of the brightest were International Gothic Festival “Children of the Night”, the biggest Ukrainian Doom Festival “Doom over Kiev” and presentation of our album. Especially for the last mentioned evening I Miss My Death invited string section and back vocal, prepared an interesting duo, sewed new costumes, released branded merch and of course presented the new material. Now we’re preparing the DVD from that concert.

13. Have you made any video for this album?
Serge: We haven’t shot any official video clip this time. But we’re planning to do that after the stabilization in our country. Meanwhile music fans would have a chance to see our live video as we mentioned before.

14. I leave the end of the interview for you to reach out to the readers.
Serge: We wish you to be yourself and, of course, peace in your families and country.


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