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Ukrainians just have released their second album and its impact reaches our pages to find out about its intricacies and preparing more closely.

Interview was prepared by Raúl Sújar Pozo (Hijos del Metal Magazine #19)hijos del metal magazine 19

1. The band formed in 2010. Tell us as members meet to form this new band.
Andriy (guitar): At that time I had been looking for the musicians for a new project for more than a year already and one day in a music shop I met Demon (bass) and the process started... In half a year the first concert of D.HATE (DISTRICT HATE) took place.

2. A band that shows in their sound influences of Thrash, Death, Groove, even a touch of Grind on vocals. What are the bands that you feel influenced?
Мах (vocals): Each of the band members was influenced by different bands. They include Mashine Head, Pantera, The Black Dahlia Murder, Gojira, Whitechapel, Decapitated…

3. The first album of the band, comes after a year of being formed. The songs were created quickly?
Demon (bass): Yes, the process was rather dynamic. At the beginning of 2011 D.HATE was very active performing and we received an offer to go for a tour around Europe in the fall. So, not too much time was left, but we left for the tour with a new album. There were songs for which we took one-two repetitions, some of them were modified in the process of recording.

4. Now, you have taken four years for this second album. Have you had to do something out of some components or You wanted more time working on the songs?
Andriy (guitar): Vocalist and drummer happened to leave the band since the release of the first album. Also, we had a couple of tours in Europe and Ukraine. It all has influenced our work over the new material and more thorough attitude towards the creation of new album.

5. What would you highlight differences between the two albums?
Demon (bass): The first vocalist was a farmer (hehe...). But if serious, the first album was recorded at the stage when the band members worked on "cohesion", search for the style, band's positioning at the rock-scene, and so on. Material for the “L.I.F.E.” (Look Into Fear's Eye) album came out heavier and more serious. We had already had the experience of live performances in different countries, on various stages (festivals, open-air, clubs of different format) and in front of diverse public.
Andriy (guitar): All of this has made us treat our musical sections more professionally and allowed us to create material of better quality. Probably, this is the main difference between "Game With Ghosts" and “L.I.F.E.”.

d.hate band6. You have recorded at Hertz Studios (Vader, Behemoth, Decapitated ...) in Poland. What experience has been for you to record in a studio prestige?
Andriy (guitar): Yes, indeed, it was a great experience for each of us. Thanks to the guys from the Hertz Studio we could approach the recording process, creating of the general sound and technical possibilities in a new way. We could take over the experience of the top European bands and it became reflected in the sound of the second album. We now use this experience in our live performances and our fans have noticed it. It is important for us.

7. The album is called "LIFE" ("ed. Look Into Fear's Eye") What talking your lyrics?
Max (vocals): The model of the “L.I.F.E.” ( Look Into Fear`s Eye) album is conceptual. In the texts we touch the topic of problems and hardships each human experiences every day... And these include the problems of fears, drugs, lack of self-confidence and the influence of the society over an individual. Generally, one could look at the album as at a life trip, which ends up with death.

8. The responsible artwork is Gustavo Sazes artist (Arch Enemy, Morbid Angel, Firewind ...) Did an exclusive work for the band or did you choose one of his works? Has he able to capture the story of the album?
Andriy (guitar): It was very comfortable to work with Gustavo and we counted on his experience. We did not have to choose. After Gustavo looked at our material he himself asked for the album's artwork exclusivity. We think that Gustavo managed to represent the album's story rather successfully and we are very greatful to him for this. Everything went out well...

9. Until now you have been lucky enough to play with bands like Sabaton, Eluveitie and Dead Infection. What memories do you have of these concerts?
Andriy (guitar): First of all, all of this is the experience we get with each concert. There is a massive preparation job, both technical and mental, behind each appearence at the stage. In the tours logistics is one of the most important elements for the successful performance. That is why we look not only at the musicians, but also at the technicians. We also talk to the bands' managers. We create personal relations, a lot of alcohol is drunk, at the end of the day it is fun.

10. Have you got next gigs to present the album?
Andriy (guitar): Of course, we are now working on it. We have a couple of tours planned already, we will announce them shotly.

11. You have recorded a video of the song "Superman" Any interesting anecdote in the filming?
Мах (vocalist): The shooting took us one day. The weather was great... A lot of meat and beer... At the end of the shooting we wanted to have rest so much... But everyone was happy about the process and the final result.

12. Finally, you can talk about what you want to readers of the magazine.
D.HATE: We wish you interesting releases, listen to the metal and see you at the shows. \m/\m/\m/


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