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Interview was prepared by Pudel (MetalRulez zine)metal rulez 2

1. I Miss My Death isn’t well known band In Poland yet, so could you tell me something about your band, when was it created and what was your inspirations when you started to play Metal music?
The band was formed in 2007 and at the moment released two albums (demo and full-length), one single and one DVD. Metal music was always closer to us and our world view. We play romantic and dark music and believe that these concepts are common. Our distinctive feature is a combination of heavy and sublime sound in the atmosphere of dark aristocracy.

2. “In Memories” is your first full length material; I would like to know if it contains only “fresh” material, or songs from your entire career?
Well, it contains the material of last 2 or 3 years. During this period of time we created a huge and conceptual material which fully satisfies us. Our early creations partly include our demo album and single. A part of it’s not recorded yet.

3. You are playing music, which was most popular in the end of XX century. That Gothic/Doom sound is popular in Ukraine now?
The main pleasure for us is to play music we like, but not popular one. Now it’s most common with Gothic/Doom genre. Fortunately we’ve found our listeners. Of course Gothic/Doom is not the most famous genre in Ukraine but there are some new fans in each new generation and it sounds encouraging.

4. Your singer, Helen, was also playing keyboards up to 2011, why did she decide to focus on vocals only?
Helen is a pianist, composer and lyricist. But first of all, she is a vocalist. One day she realized she could show much more on the stage with just singing. And that’s true – you can hear it yourself. Helen continues to play the piano and compose music, but she trusts performance to the talented pianist and composer Nick Grom.

5. “In Memories” was released by Metal Scarp Records – as I now it is one of the biggest Metal record companies in Ukraine. How did you “found” contact to this company, will be your album also released worldwide?
Some our Ukrainian colleagues successfully cooperated with Metal Scrap Records. We can say that we were inspired by their example. At the moment we are fully satisfied. About worldwide release – yes, it will take place. For this moment “In Memories” is released in Ukraine, Russia and Europe. USA will see our album next month.

6. Ukrainian scene is most famous (in Poland) from Pagan/Black Metal bands like Nokturnal Mortum etc. Do you have any contacts with this part of scene; do you play at the same gigs or festivals maybe?
We rarely contact this part of scene. We have different gigs, different listeners, as well as different music. But of course we follow their career and know much about this area.

i miss my death band7. You have recorded “cover” version of Mozart’s “Lacrimosa”, do you listen to Classical music regularly? What are your favourite classic records or compositions?
Yes, we listen to classic music regularly. Among our favorite composers are Verdi, Vagner, Bach, Tchaikovsky, Chopin and of course Mozart. From year to year we inspire classic compositions more and more. “In Memories” also consists moments of inspirited music. For example, song “While you remember me” was written under the effect of Tchaikovsky's romance “He loved me so much”.

8. What was the biggest gig, situation in your career to date? And what is your biggest “dream” connected with playing music?
There were some great gigs in our music life and it’s difficult to pick out any. One of the brightest was International Gothic Festival “Children of the Night”, the biggest Ukrainian Doom Festival “Doom Over Kiev” and presentation of our album. Especially for the last mentioned evening I Miss My Death invited string section and back vocals, prepared an interesting duo, sewed new costumes, released branded merch and of course presented the new material. Our main dream is to not stop dreaming. We have goals in our music career and we hope achieve them very soon.

9. You have released a demo and a single before “In Memories” album, but it was in 2010 and 2011. Dou you have any other recordings from other years?
No, we have only 3 releases – 1 official and 2 unofficial. There are some old songs that are still not recorded but they do not meet the updated sound of I Miss My Death, so we presume they won’t be officially released.

10. Could you tell me something about your lyrics? I see, that they are maintained in a gloomy atmosphere, am I right?
The main lyrical topic is love and loneliness. They are the same from album to album but in each song they find a new face. "In Memories" album is not just a collection of compositions but a whole story that can be traced from song to song. It's the story where each paragraph is a new round of a sad legend with lonely and opposed to the whole world romantic hero in its center. Dramatic center of the story is in the memories of the hero.

11. I have to ask about current political situation in your country… news that we see in our media shows very sad situation in eastern Ukraine – it looks like regular civil war. How this situations affects to your everyday life? And playing music of course?
Yes, the situation is really terrible. No one could not even imagine it. We have friends and relatives in different corners of Ukraine and sincerely hope for peace in our big unified country. Music area, like all others, freezes in suspense. A lot of gigs, even big festivals, were revoked, world stars canceled their concerts. On the other side, there is a great development of revolutionary, patriotic music themes.

12. I know that some Ukrainian bands are (or maybe: was?) quite popular in Russia, how this political mess affected to relationship between Ukrainian and Russian Metal scene?
Let us answer shortly – the dialog is always possible with reasoning people.

13. Let’s return to more merrier subjects. Concerts. How I Miss My Death gigs look like? Are you planning any (maybe abroad?) tour to promote your new LP? Is it possible to see I Miss My Death live in Poland?
Our gigs are always bright and dramatized. Our aristocratic image unmistakably distinguishes us among others. Bright costumes, theatrical dialogues, academic vocals and a lot of other elements that differ from event to event. We have great touring plans and will implement them as soon as possible. Unfortunately we can’t name dates because of political and economic crisis in our country.

14. I Miss My Death is your one and only band, or maybe members of the band have some side – projects, other bands, maybe non-Metal? Did you play somewhere before I Miss My Death?
I Miss My Death is not the first band for all members exept our frontman Serge. He created the band and leads it through the years never leaving or playing somewhere else. Others played before mostly in Metal genre. Now only our guitarist Roman plays in another Metal band and Helen is singing in classical genre – opera.

15. Thank you very much for the interview. You can add something for your Polish fans if you want.
Thank you for the interview! We hope to meet you all at our Polish gig soon! See you!


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