THE WARD (for Necromance Web Magazine #11, 2015)

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Llegan desde Moldavia y su nombre es THE WARD, se mueven dentro de los terrenos del death atmosférico y recientemente han sacado su 2º trabajo titulado “Part of Humanity” a través del sello ucraniano Metal Scrap Records y en esta entrevista nos hablan entre otras, de dicho trabajo.

Interview was prepared by David Déniz Plaza (Necromance)necromance web magazine 11

1) How did THE WARD first get started?
It all started in november 2008 in a small town of Tiraspol when grizan, suicidnic and dryth decided to start a band. We had no experience of playing, so we played as we could back then. Our first attempt failed, but during that period we wrote medikamentoz and flakes of rapture which we still play. Then Artmiss came and put us together.

2) What can you tell us about the recording process for "Part of Humanity"?
We started to write songs at the end of 2013. We wrote half of the album that year, but there were many changes in our line-up, so it took us a lot of time to finish the material. New people came to our band at that time. We had a change of frontman back then. The new frontman brought his view into almost completed material. We also started to perform our songs in English, so our foreign listeners could understand us. It is much easier to express our thoughts and feelings to this or that problem in language, which is understandable not only for russian speaking people. There was also a change of drummer, who brought his own view of material.

3) What was the hardest part about putting together "Part of humanity" for you and why?
The most difficult thing for us was to choose the title track. All tracks seemed have the main meaning. This album is conceptional. We tried to shiw our view of this world, espesially of its' imperfectness. We don't praise it, we just describe what is going on around us. Probably this is the most difficult thing, but we think we have overcome it.

4) Can you tell us about the main themes and influences that run throughout "Part of humanity"?
The only theme we speak about is society. The idea of the album is why there are so many bad things in it. We want people to start seeing.
As this is your second release, what goals and targets did you set for yourself when heading into the studio?
The point is that we wanted to tell people about what we feel. We wanted to show that we grew up as musicians and also emotionally. The taget was to nake this album more powerful than the previous one.

the ward band5) How did you end up signing to Metal Scrap Records, and what have they been like to work with so far?
We are very happy that we signed the contract with metalscrap records. We are satisfied with their work. This is our first release at label and we're looking forward to further cooperation. The remote work was of no difficulty.

6) How have the responses to this release been so far?
The reviews are positive in general. But we know now what we must work on. The process of creating has always been the most important thing for us, so we'll try to make the next album betten in all directions.

7) Looking back on "Rejection of insanity", how happy are you with this record still?
When we released "The rejection of insanity" we had ideas, goals that differed from what we have now. We were different ourselves. We relesed it ourselves with no help from beyond. If we compare these two releases than we can say that "Part of humanity" is something more. We could improve our music and lyrics.

8) How has your style of playing changed since the early days?
Originally we played doom/death metal with some mixture of black metal. Our music took form if death metal with melodic and atmospheric keyboards when we released our first full-length album. Now we have more diversified music.

9) What else can we expect to see from THE WARD in 2016? Any plans for a full tour supporting this release?
We are planning to become more agressive and put more drive into our music. We want to record several tracks and to release the EP or single. We can say nothing exact about our tour now. We hope that in the end of this year and in the beginning of the next onw we'll have sone show. It is the only what we can say now.

10) Anything you would like to mention before end this interview?
We want to thank you for interviewing us. We also thank "Metal Scrap Records" and we are looking forward to further cooperation. Thanks everyone who listens to us and everyone who will. Expect our new material.


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