Compilation released on a permanent basis. Once recruited full lineup of the bands for CD, we are looking for next bands to complete next CD.

Demands for Audio:
Up to 5 min.
WAV; 16 bit; 44.1 kHz; 1411kbps; Stereo.

Needed stuff:
HQ photo, logo in 300 dpi, bio, press-release.

Quantity: 1000 CDs.

Promotion: we send about 400 CDs to magazines, radios, webzines, labels, etc. The digital promotion includes more than 2,000 addresses of partners.

Physical distribution:
We have signed a contracts with the world largest distributors - Plastic Head Distribution (UK) and MVD Entertainment Group (USA), therefore our CDs are sold in many major stores in the world.

Digital distribution (on band’s choice only):
We have signed a contracts with INgrooves Distribution (world), Storm Warning Entertainment Ltd. (UK) and MVD Entertainment Group (USA) for the digital distribution of the albums (or separate tracks) around the world, which is implemented through a network of the digital stores such as: 24-7 Ent., 7digital, Amazon, eMusic, ITunes,, Microsoft Audio, MTV Networks, Myspace Music, Nokia Music, Orange, Samsung, Sony Reader Store, Spotify, T-Mobile, Virgin Mega, Vodafone, Yahoo, YouTube and others (a total of more than 600 digital stores in over 200 countries around the world).


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