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Band Druknroll formed in 2006 in Saratov (Russia) and was a solo project of musician Druknroll. The first one track was a self-produced single “Metal Night”, recorded at Saratov’s studio Metalhearts. All instrument parties were recorded by Druknroll, with Alexander (vocal) and Peter (drums) from Saratov band Kniaz' T'my.
Musicians decided to go beyond the single and within a few years hoarded material & recording it occasionally. The result was a debut album "Brownian Motion" which was released in spring 2010 by Moscow label NewRock. Along with recording the debut album, Druknroll shot some video clips to the tracks from the disc, among them: "The Raven", "White Walls", "This Is Your Life". Since 2009 songs of Druknroll project presented at a compilation of Saratov’s independent music "SIM" ("Don’t Kill", "To Infinity", "On The Knife Blade").
In 2010, a tireless Druknroll along with Alexander, Peter and Alex Knipe (sound engineer and guitarist) began recording a new album.
Second full-length album was released in winter 2012 by Ukrainian label Metal Scrap Records. Two clips "On The Knife Edge" and "Adrenaline" were included in a video application to the Spanish magazine Necromance, composition "Face to Face" was presented at compilation “V.A-R.G. №23”.  Overall the album has received a lot of positive reviews from all around the world and hit the rotation of many of world radio stations.

druknroll band

In early 2013 Druknroll participated in a metal CD-compilation "Planeta Metal presents: Neurasthenia and the Best Russian Metal Bands!"; headliner of compilation - specially invited band Neurasthenia (Italy). Clips "On The Knife Edge" and "Adrenaline" get in a video application to the magazine Terroraiser № 53 and № 54. The band gave a big interview to Legacy - biggest metal magazine of Europe nowadays. Traditionally Druknroll becomes a participant in the compilation "SIM" in 2012 and 2013. Also in 2013 two new video - "Samurai" and "Defense of Sevastopol" were shot, the last of which was in rotation of music channel A-One.
In December 2013 two new compositions were included at the compilation "Metal Scrap Records XX Years Anniversary".
Third full-length album "Boiling Point" was released in spring 2014 by Metal Scrap Records. The band gave several interviews in such magazines as: Terroraiser, Rock Hard, Rockcor etc. Video "Defense of Sevastopol" was released in Terroraiser magazine №58 at video application and single of the same name - in audio application to the Atmosfear magazine №13.
In early 2015 composition "Anger" got to the compilation "Breakthrough-5". Traditionally Druknroll becomes a participant at "SIM" compilation 2014 and 2015.
In spring 2015 was presented a new video clip "Below".
druknroll band
In summer 2015, on the eve of its fourth full-length album Druknroll released EP "The Loop Of World Creation", which includes two new tracks and a cover-song of In Flames.
The fourth full-length album "In The Game" was released in March 2016.

In the beginning of 2017, the second EP, "Bad Math", was released with English-language lyrics, including video clip "The Heroes of the War". The same track was included into the compilation sampler of Necromance Magazine 01/2017.

The fifth full-length studio album, “Unbalanced”, was released in 2018 by Metal Scrap Records. The video clip was made for the title track.
Two EPs, "Doomed Love" (2019) and "Dead Phone” (2020), was released for forthcoming sixth album, supporting by music videos "Doomed Love" and "Dead Phone".
In August 2020, band released their sixth full-length studio album, "Freakingface".


Druknroll – guitars, bass, keyboards, drum programming;
Horror – vocals;
Maria – vocals;
Denys Malyuga – lead guitar;
Oleg Kireychuk – guitars, bass, keyboards, sound designer;
Alex Knip – guitars, keyboards, sound designer.

"Freakingface" CD & Digital; 2020; Metal Scrap Records;
"Dead Phone” Digital EP; 2020; Metal Scrap Records;
"Doomed Love" Digital EP; 2019; Metal Scrap Records;
"Unbalanced" CD & Digital; 2018; Metal Scrap Records;
"Bad Math" Digital EP; 2017; Metal Scrap Records;
"В Игре / In The Game" CD & Digital; 2016; Metal Scrap Records;
"Петля Мироздания / The Loop Of World Creation" Digital EP; 2015; Metal Scrap Records;
"Точка Кипения / Boiling Point" CD & Digital; 2014; Metal Scrap Records;
"На Лезвии Ножа / On The Knife Edge" CD & Digital; 2012; Metal Scrap Records;
"Броуновское Движение / Brownian Motion" CD; 2010; NewRock;
“Металлическая Ночь / Metal Night” CD Single; 2006; self-released.


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