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Established in Adelaide, Australia in summer of 1997, ONE STEP BEYOND has a history of taking Extreme Metal to unique sonic frontiers. Their sound is a melting pot of Death, Grind, Thrash and Black Metal, with additional tones and arrangements drawn from all corners of the music world. They strive to communicate an uncompromised range of human emotions both musically and lyrically.
Recently the band has completed their 3rd full-length album entitled "The Music Of Chance", their first to feature the drumming of Conny Pettersson (from Earache recording artists Anata, and Century Media Records artist Nightrage, live) and mastered by Colin Marston (Gorguts, Krallice, Dysrhythmia).

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Fall of 2014 ONE STEP BEYOND signed a contract with Metal Scrap Records. Band’s third full-length album, "The Music Of Chance", was released at November 1, 2014 as Digital release and at February, 2015 as CD.

Press Quotes:
“Might be the best and most original band hailing from Australia….the musicianship is utterly amazing, absolutely perfect”Beyond webzine – Belgium

“Imagine Bloodduster duking it out with Bob Marley and Les Claypool over the last hit of a PCP laced joint…..masterfully engrossing and humorous….the heights this trio of section 8s have reached is jaw dropping to say the least” Eternal Frost – USA

“One Step Beyond are among the most technically competent, original and diverse bands you will likely find using metal as their main base of operation…..very entertaining to behold”Worm Gear – USA

”Sheer genius…..this is no cheap joke, but a band with a clear vision and the capability of backing it up”Vampire Mag – Holland

“The band can be aggressive, delicate, heavy, dreaming. They have an enormous expressive range…….surely they will not be forgotten” – 9/10 Shapeless – Italy

“Extraordinary…..ahead of its time grind”9/10 Stillborn – Italy

"This band must be heard by every fan of metal music" - Treats from the underground - USA

“A masterpiece…..the most original idea I’ve heard in ages” 8/10 Metal mayhem – England

“Will give you a totally different perspective of what grind or metal in general can conquer. Highly recommended”Tripalium zine – Phillipines

Justin Wood - vocals;
Conny Pettersson - drums;
Matt Spencer - bass, guitars, vocals.

“The Music Of Chance” CD & Digital; 2015; Metal Scrap Records;
“Out With The Old” Digital EP; 2010; self-released;
“Beyond Good and Evil” CD; 2007; Club Inferno;
“Life Imitates Art” CD; 2002; self-released.



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